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Many thanks to you and your children for coming out last Saturday to help pack meals for Feed My Starving Children! Our DUMC group of 17 helped to pack 44,712 meals. That’s enough to feed 122 children for one year!

This is the tenth year of FMSC in Darien. DUMC has been a faithful supporter of this mission since it’s inception. FMSC is a Christian non-profit organization that distributes these meals to feed children in life-threatening situations around the world. The meals (manna packs) are scientifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of children between the ages of 4 – 8 years.

Our M&M fundraiser is currently underway to help cover the costs of the meals we packed.  Please return filled M&M tubes by Sunday, November 4th. Or, if you prefer checks payable to Feed My Starving Children are gladly accepted.

Thank you on behalf of Missions & Outreach!

FMSC—the most fun you can have in a hairnet! – Oct 20, 2018

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Widow’s Mite – November 11, 2018

Mark 12: 38-44 As we begin our stewardship campaign today, the lectionary text assigned for this Sunday is about a widow and her gift. How appropriate it is! When we planned our ministries at the Church Council meeting in September, no one knew about the text for today. Is it coincidence? Or, is it providence? […]

“We Are Called to Be A Saint” – November 4, 2018

Revelation 7:9-17; Matt. 5:1-12 I was a teacher at Ewha Girls’ High School before I came to study at Drew Theological School in 1989. Ewha was established by Mary Scranton who was among the first missionaries to Korea over 130 years ago. One day, I asked my students about how they thought of the Kingdom […]

Bartimaeus: Son of Timaeus – October 28, 2018

Mark 10:46-52 The lenses in my eye glasses have to be changed in about every two years, because my eyes continue to change as I get older. Even though they are progressive lenses, it is not easy to read small letters. That’s why I printed this sermon out with big letters. I think I must […]

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