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Sermons of Pastor Tom

Murder of a Prophet – July 15, 2018

Mark 6:14-29 I wonder what was your first reaction when you heard our lesson today.  Weren’t you surprised to hear about John the Baptist in July?  (Because), we are used to contending with John the Baptist in Advent season.  Every December while we try to do our Christmas shopping, John holds forth, telling us to […]

A Paradox: Strength in Weakness – July 8, 2018

2 Cor. 12: 2-10 In our text today, Paul says, “I am strong, when I am weak.”  Strength in weakness?  Power in weakness?  This is a count-cultural message, isn’t it? Power and strength are worshipped by most people, and weakness is despised above all things.  It goes against everything we’ve been taught.   I don’t […]

“Talitha koum!” – July 1, 2018

Mark 5:21-43                                                                         One of the first things that I do when I prepare for a sermon is to think about […]

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345 Middlesex Road, Darien, Connecticut 06820

Worship services are held every Sunday at 10:00 am.

All are invited.


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